6 Annoyingly Common Juul Problems

6 Annoyingly Common Juul Problems

Luckily, you possibly can resolve them with a couple of DIY steps and continue enjoying vaping. Remember to train safety when addressing these issues to keep away from shorts and attainable explosions. Your batteries slid simply into the vape mod, however you’ll be able to’t get them out now. Your wrapper might need got rolled up, and a bit caught or your battery has overheated, vented and swelled.

why is my juul not working

Some customers have complained of their Juul getting caught in get together mode. Reddit Juulers say hitting their system towards the palm of their hand, or flicking it like a coin, helps to show off get together mode. The coloured lights on the system indicate battery degree and pull energy whereas a consumer attracts on the gadget. Tapping on the device shows either a green, yellow or purple light indicating battery with green being excessive, yellow being medium and pink being low.

Juul® Not Charging

On the JUUL C1, this might be a band of LED lights on the bottom of the battery. If this doesn’t resolve your issue, check the underside of the pod. The gold connectors ought to be lifted slightly; this permits them to make contact with the battery. If the connectors are pushed too far in or are slanted downward towards the mouthpiece, they could not properly make contact with the battery. In this case, you need to let your retailer know.

  • Secondly, it could possibly be because of a free 510 connection between the mod and the atty.
  • However, if yours nonetheless doesn’t work, I strongly recommend that you simply cease troubleshooting any further and send the device over to the corporate.
  • Remove the pod from the slot, reverse it and re-insert.
  • If you are questioning why your vaping high quality has come down or you’ll be able to’t vape at all, one of the following points could possibly be the trigger.
  • They can find the eight-digit quantity and letter combination underneath the brand on the again of the device.

Ensure that the vape pin touches the optimistic pole of your battery. If it does, verify whether or not dust is interfering with the connection by unscrewing the tank from the mod6. Be positive to clean any juice or residues on the 510 areas of the tank and mod with a tissue. Exceeding the recommended vape gadget wattage may cause your coils to burn.

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